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Name County Coordinates Elevation Map #
Antelope Gap Yuma 4024'06"N 10243'57"W 4100 0280 N
Bells Gap Huer 3742'37"N 10452'34"W 6340 1516 LRT
Cat Creek Gap Arch 3705'53"N 10711'07"W 6701 1783 A
Cotton Gap LasA 3703'40"N 10332'18"W 5890 1812 F
Devils Gap Frem 3829'38"N 10516'50"W 5980 1711 P
Dipper Gap Loga 4054'18"N 10333'20"W 4454 0045 A
Dunham Gap LaPl 3714'07"N 10736'54"W 7110 1723 N
Durant Gap LaPl 3714'52"N 10737'27"W 7330 1723 N
Gap, The Huer 3724'04"N 10504'53"W 8152 1629 P
Gap, The Moff 4033'15"N 10843'47"W 7634 0175 A
Gate, The Gunn 3814'53"N 10715'29"W 7980 1269 P
Gate, The Sagu 3821'47"N 10610'59"W 9660 1221 T
Gates of Lodore Moff 4042'48"N 10853'32"W 5900 0116 N
Harvey Gap Garf 3935'59"N 10739'47"W 6400 0639 P
Hell Gate Pitk 3917'24"N 10633'13"W 10600 0762 AR
Hellgate Sagu 3751'48"N 10620'47"W 9170 1448 N
Limestone Gap Moff 4052'23"N 10846'05"W 7700 0060 A
Martin Gap Moff 4015'48"N 10846'20"W 5880 0288 A
Mormon Gap RioB 4008'45"N 10901'15"W 5847 0343 A
Narrows, The Gunn 3903'16"N 10724'35"W 7300 0869 F
Narrows, The LasA 3707'20"N 10342'40"W 6660 1811 T
Narrows, The Mntr 3834'23"N 10741'50"W 6960 1095 N
Narrows, The Mntr 3839'09"N 10811'50"W 5920 1034 P
Notch, The Hins Mine 3729'24"N 10708'41"W 9490 1612 N
Notch, The Hins 3727'33"N 10726'32"W 9960 1610 N
Notch, The Lari 4022'06"N 10525'51"W 8420 0315 A 5
Packers Gap Oter 3743'58"N 10339'45"W 4700 1526 A
Pamena Gap LasA 3731'33"N 10339'35"W 4660 1583 A
Rainbow Cut Jeff 3953'51"N 10516'39"W 6800 0487 O
Rifle Gap Garf 3936'59"N 10745'49"W 5920 0638 P 5
Rock Cut Lari 4024'38"N 10543'48"W 12120 0256 P
Saddle, The Mntr 3832'45"N 10813'48"W 6700 1091 N
Serviceberry Gap Moff 4025'49"N 10848'44"W 8058 0231 A
Templeton Gap ElPa 3853'10"N 10446'55"W 6200 0947 P 4
Tights, The Frem 3822'38"N 10520'50"W 7000 1711 N
Wagon Wheel Gap Mine 3745'58"N 10648'30"W 8750 1444 P
Windy Gap Boul 3959'47"N 10533'31"W 9780 0485 T
Windy Gap Gran 4006'39"N 10600'08"W 7798 0424 0425 P
Windy Gap Gran 4005'56"N 10558'25"W 7860 0425 P 5


Colorado Pilots Association
PO Box 200911
Denver, CO 80220-0911
(303) 367-0670