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 2020 Scholarship Winners Announced

The Colorado Pilots Association announced their Annual scholarship winners for the 2020 year. They are Tammy Raines and Kyle Shaffer for Certified Flight Instructor and Brittany Stratton and Aidan Stewart for Private Pilot. Each winner received a $2500 scholarship to help work toward their rating.

We at the Colorado Pilots Association recognized the need to continue growing the population of pilots in Colo- rado. To that end, we have taken a two pronged approach, offering scholarships for Private Pilot, and Certificat- ed Flight Instructor training. Two scholarships annually are available in each area, valued at $2500 each. Keep a look out for the winners and look for them in the skies over the Centennial State.

Are you thinking about becoming a CFI or do you know a person passionate about aviation who wants to start? Tell them about the 2021 Colorado Pilots Association Scholarships for 2021 and send them to CPA website. Encourage them to join CPA and help keep CPA strong.

 2020 CFI Scholarship Winner Kyle Shaffer

   Kyle was born into a family of pilots and fell in love with aviation at a young age. “Ever since I remember all I’ve wanted to do was fly, and so far I think I made the right decision because I sure love it.” That dream of flight led Kyle to Aims Com- munity College where he is working on his certificated flight instructor certificate. His hope is one day to fly any sort of military aircraft with the top spot being

any fighter. Till that time Kyle is hoping that being a CFI will allow him to pass on his knowledge to aspiring pilots and then seeing them succeed in their goals. He believes that the most valuable skill a pilot can have is to develop a positive can-do attitude. “Learning to fly can prove to be quite the challenge, with it being difficult from the get go, but throws in weather and maintenance issues as well, it sure becomes tough at times. Being able to retain a positive outlook on flying and always striving for greatness will work wonders for pilots far and wide.” Kyle is very excited about being a part of the CPA and hopes to participate in 2021 Fly- Ins and learn more about mountain flying.

Birthplace: Mountain Home, Idaho Total Time: 318.8

Job: Dispatcher at Aims

Favorite Airplane: Beechcraft Model 18

Quote: The desire to fly is an idea handed down to us by our ancestors who, in their grueling travels across the trackless lands in the prehistoric times, looked enviously on the birds soaring freely through time and space, at full speed, above all obstacles, on the infinite highway of the air. - Wilber Wright

 2020 CFI Scholarship Winner Tammy Raines

     From a very young age, Tammy always wanted to travel and see lots of stuff. “I became a flight attendant to travel all over the place, then I saw how much more fun the pilots had and I know that was for me!” Back home in Detroit no one was a pilot. “A person who was a pilot was sort of like a brain surgeon. To become a pilot showed a great sense of accomplishment.” Like most pilots, Tammy’s goals have changed overtime. “I never wanted to be a CFI at first. But the more I flew and the more I volunteered with other organizations like EAA and young aviators, the more I realized that I really enjoyed teaching. Not only teaching but the ability to pass on knowledge to new pilots, help them reach their dreams.” She is work- ing on her instructor rating at Western Air Flight Academy and wants to work there someday. In the future, Tammy would love to fly for Southwest Airlines. She believes that the best advice to new pilots is to save money, make time, flying takes both. Tammy is excited to be a member of CPA and hopes to find ways to volunteer.

Birthplace: Wayne, Michigan

Total Time: 679

Job: Flight Attendant at Southwest Airlines Favorite Airplane: Barron

Heroes: Amelia Earhart and Tammy Shultz

 2020 Private Pilot Scholarship Winner Brittany Stratton

    Brittany fell in love with flying after one of her dad’s friend gave her a discovery flight. “I was inspired by both the potential that my dad and his friend had in me to have the same career as well as the abilities of my dad’s friend and the confidence he had to maneuver the plane around. I saw that I wanted to have the same abilities and made it my main goal ever since to be able to have a career in aviation.” The thing she likes most about avi- ation is the confidence that it gives her. “The control of having the yoke in my hand is such a powerful feeling.” Brittany believes that the most valuable lesson that a pilot should have would be understanding the importance of every step in the process in order to reach the maximum level of proficiency. This can include making study- ing a priority, making sure the pilot is mentally ready for the flight, or taking the time to put quality effort into each step no matter the circumstance. While working on her flying through Aspen Flying Club, Brittany is also a member of EAA and Women in Aviation. Brittany likes to volunteer for running races and would like to get more people involved in aviation. “I think we can get more people involved in aviation by displaying it as an attainable goal rather than magnifying it to seem harder than it is. Being a pilot takes hard work and dedication but I think if people saw it not as easy, but attainable, they would take more interest in aviation as a career.”

Birthplace: Houston, Texas

Total Time: 26 Hours

Job: Team Member - Chick-fil-A

Favorite Airplane: F-16, but for flying it’s the Grumman Cheetah

Dream Job: Captain at a major airline traveling the world

Additional Scholarship Links

This is an incomplete listing at best. Some of the organizations require applicants to be members before applying. The women’s groups give scholarships to both genders. If you find a broken link, or one to add, please email Thank you and good luck!

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