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Are you yearning to be learning to fly?

We at the Colorado Pilots Association recognize the need to continue growing the population of pilots in Colorado. To that end, we have taken a two pronged approach, offering scholarships for Private Pilot, and Certificated Flight instructor training. Up to two scholarships annually are available in each area, valued at $2500 each. 

The Private Pilot scholarship is available to Colorado citizens ages 16-22. You must have started your flight training, and successfully soloed in order to apply. See below for the details on the Private Pilot page and application. While development of professional pilots is a priority, a planned career in aviation is not a requirement.

The Certificated Flight Instructor program is available to any Colorado citizen holding a Commercial Pilot certificate and Instrument rating, interested in their initial CFI training. We will not award funds for a Sport Pilot Instructor rating, nor for additional ratings on an existing CFI certificate. Again, formal enrollment is required in a flight school program. We recognized there are many excellent freelance CFIs teaching this program, however we cannot disperse funds to an individual. More details can be found on the CFI page and application under the CFI Program below. The intention of making flight instruction a long term career is a plus, but it is not required. 

We shifted in 2020 from academic to flight training scholarships, in hopes of building the number of pilots in our great state. While we struggled to attempt to include financing all aspects of flight training like FAA exams and examiner’s fees, in the end we streamlined the process, intending to fund strictly aircraft (and possibly simulator) rental, and Instructor fees. We recognized that our awards, while substantial, are not complete funding for the certificates sought by our applicants.

The deadline to apply for any scholarship is July 1st annually. The scholarship committee will review all applications, certifications, and letters of recommendation in early July. We will contact applicants in mid to late July to schedule a virtual interview, either via telephone or video conference. The awards of scholarships could happen as early as the end of August. Funds will be deposited in the accounts of the winners at their flight school. Scholarship winners, and guests are invited to attend our annual meeting in November, and the winner and a guest are invited to attend our annual holiday party in December.

It’s often heard “the sky is the limit.” Could our scholarship award be the push you need to make the sky home? Apply today and find out. Please send your questions to the scholarship committee at Blue skies and good luck to all!

Jeff Hinkle
Education Chairman

 Private Pilot Scholarship Program Information


CFI Scholarship Program Information

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Additional Scholarship Links

This is an incomplete listing at best. Some of the organizations require applicants to be members before applying. The women’s groups give scholarships to both genders. If you find a broken link, or one to add, please email Thank you and good luck!

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Flight Schools around Colorado

Looking for a place to learn to fly, here's a map of the flight schools around Colorado.  If your school isn't on here and you'd like to add it, please contact us using the "Contact Us" below and we'll make sure to get it included!  
Make sure to click on the image on the map that looks like this:  it will pop out the list of flight schools along with their website and contact information.  

5 Ways To Start Your Flight Training Right Now, courtesy of BoldMethod -