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Welcome to the Colorado Pilots Association

Upcoming CPA Sponsored Fly-Ins and Events
  • Apr 11, 2015 - CPA Spring Meet & Greet - Legacy Air Hangar Broomfield, CO (KBJC)
  • Apr 24 thru  26, 2015 - CPA Fly-In to Grants, NM - Aviation Heritage Museum, Grants-Milan Airport  Grants, NM (GNT)
  • May 29 thru  31, 2015 - CPA Fly-In to Kansas City - Wheeler Downtown Airport (MO/KS) Kansas City, MO (MKC)
  • Jun 6, 2015 - CPA Mountain Flying - High Elevation Airport Operations Ground School - Rocky Mountain Metrol Airport Broomfield, CO (BJC)
  • Jun 13, 2015 - 3rd Annual Luncheon Potluck - Barbo Hangar Watkins, CO (FTG)

Click here for a calendar of all upcoming Colorado and CPA sponsored events as well as further details about the events listed above.

Interactive Map

Use this tool to view the locations of AWOS, airports, passes, high peaks, and fatal accidents in the Colorado mountains.

Mountain Flying Seminar

In Colorado, accident statistics show that pilots without the skills needed for safe flight over mountainous terrain often get themselves into situations which are beyond their capability to handle. The mountain flying course is a program developed by the Colorado Pilots Association to improve that capability.

Please install Flash® from http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ and turn on JavaScript to see a slideshow here.

Support Our Corporate Members
Aero-Sphere Flight Lab
2014 Expo Sponsor Aero-Sphere Flight Lab Visit Website >>

Aerovations Unlimited
2013 Expo Sponsor Aerovations Unlimited 303-587-0174 Visit Website >>

AIRbase One
AIRbase One provides a wide range of marketing and Internet Services and is nationally recognized for its experience and expertise in the design, development, and hosting of aviation related websites. Visit Website >>

2014 Expo Sponsor AOPA Visit Website >>

Colorado Classic Aircraft
2013 Expo Sponsor Colorado Class Aircraft Visit Website >>

2013 Expo Sponsor CubCrafters Visit Website >>

2013 Expo Sponsor EAA Visit Website >>

2013 Expo Sponsor Evektor Visit Website >>

Executive Flight Training
Executive Flight Training specializes in quality flight training for all pilot ratings up to ATP. EFT has earned an excellent reputation for its accelerated training courses form pilots who have limited time available and need to finish their training in a short time. EFT has Simulators, Single, and Multi-engine aircraft rentals. Visit Website >>

Flight Deck Grill
Enjoy Breakfast & Lunch OUTDOORS and in PLANE VIEW @ LMO. Open 7:30 - 2, Wed - Sun, May - October. Event catering available year round. Visit Website >>

FMS Bank
2013 Expo Sponsor FMS Bank Visit Website >>

FOX Aerosport
2013 Expo Sponsor FOX Aerosport is the authorized USA Dealer / Service Center for the Czech Sport Aircraft line of Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) - including the SportCruiser and PiperSport - within Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. As an authorized independent ROTAX Repair Centre (iRC), we provide full service and maintenance for your light sport aircraft and ROTAX engine. Visit Website >>

Front Range Airport
Front Range Airport, which serves as a general aviation reliever airport to DIA, is located approximately 19 miles east of Denver's Central Business District and 6 miles (by ground) southeast of DIA. The airport is one of the largest GA airports in the United States with just under 4,000 acres of land and is currently served by two 100' x 8,000' runways. Its potential for growth has influenced considerable interest in designating the airport as a spaceport. Recent development includes a major renovation to the terminal and the addition of a full-service restaurant and bar. Fuel prices at the airport are typically the lowest in the region. An ideal location to visit . . . or locate. Visit Website >>

General Aviation News
2014 Expo Sponsor General Aviation News Visit Website >>

Hangar Network
Hangar Network is the leading resource for connecting individuals to aviation real estate. Our map-centric listing service provides unmatched access to a diverse range of airport related real estate. Join Hangar Network as we change the way aviators, industry professionals, and the world connect to aviation real estate. Visit our website at http://www.hangarnetwork.com Visit Website >>

Independence Aviation, LLC
We are based at Centennial Airport (KAPA) with field offices located at Rocky Mountain Metro (KBJC) and Colorado Springs Municipal (KCOS) Airports. Our specialty is helping pilots and aircraft owners get the most out of aviation. Whatever your goal start an aviation career, grow your business or optimize travel experiences our experts can help you achieve it. Visit Website >>

Mountain Aviation
Mountain Aviation provides business & private turbo-prop & jet charter, acquisition, management and maintenance in the Rocky Mountain Region. Headquartered at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport (BJC), with bases, aircraft, and operations at Centennial (APA), Fort Collins/Loveland (FNL), Eagle/Vail (EGE), Aspen (ASE), Telluride (TEX), Grand Junction (GJT). With FAA "10-or-more" Certificate, Worldwide Operational & Overwater Authority, ARG/US Platinum & IS-BAO Safety Ratings, aircraft from King Air & Piaggio Turbo-props, Cessna Citation, CJ3, Excel, Gulfstream & Hawker midsize and large jets, our real focus is doing anything we can to help the local Colorado business and flying community. For questions or information, please contact Malachi O'Neill moneill@mountainaviation.com 720.314.0595 Visit Website >>

The Law Office of John L. Wright PC
John Wright is an experienced Colorado aviation attorney practicing primarily in the areas of aviation, business and tax law. He is a licensed commercial pilot with offices at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport. He is also an AOPA panel attorney and general counsel for the Colorado Agricultural Aviation Association. Visit Website >>

2014 Expo Sponsor Univair Visit Website >>

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