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Glenwood Springs 2019 

This past June 8th and 9th about half a dozen airplanes and their respective CPA members and just over a dozen folks spent a relaxing 24hrs in the Glenwood Springs area.  Given the diversity of the area and the number of possible activities to participate in, much of the group went a number of different directions.  The following are excerpts from the members attending:

Hanging Lake

My wife Tabby Lei and I had a great time hiking up to Hanging Lake during the fly-in.  There is a shuttle bus that takes people from the visitor center in Glenwood Springs up to Hanging Lake now (you cannot drive there and park, and you should make a reservation for the bus ahead of time).  From the trailhead parking lot, it's a steep 1.2 mile hike up a beautiful canyon, where the water was roaring, often pouring down the trail itself (thank goodness for good hiking boots).  The day was perfect, with dozens of waterfalls along the trail, culminating in the lake itself, which had 4 waterfalls pouring into it.

This is great destination--highly recommended for pilots flying into Glenwood Springs.  Be ready for some steep hills, and consider going early in the morning to beat the heat and thunderstorms.

We ate a good share of the food once we joined everyone that afternoon for the hangar party!

-Kevin Condroski & Tabby Lei

The Caverns

I'd been to Glenwood Springs many times but never managed to make it to the caverns.  What a surprise!  

There are actually two separate caverns in close proximity to each other but they are very different inside.  They were discovered in about 1895 when someone noticed air coming out of a hole in the ground and started digging.  The caverns in total are something like three miles in length but it is believed there are possibly 10 more miles yet to be explored.  Tours of both were part of the cavern package and experienced guides led them.  Each tour takes guests through many passages and rooms in each cavern and each has the usual array of stalactites and stalagmites as well as many other features whose subtle history and origin are not obvious without the careful explanation by the guides.  Water continues to drip in the cavern that is still growing but the other is dry.  And one is so close to the surface at one point that tree roots are visible in the ceiling!  Of course, they manage to shut off the lights to demonstrate complete darkness, which many people have never experienced.   

Although not as large as the famous Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, the Glenwood caverns are very impressive and well protected from harm.  If you have not been to see them, rest assured you will not be disappointed if you choose to go.  

Bill Marvel

Soaking away

Whenever I think of Glenwood Springs I think of - well, hot springs of course!  The caves are fantastic and certainly Hanging Lake is not to be missed.  Our hotel was a short 10 minute walk to the Iron Mountain Hot Springs - which is the newer of the public hot springs activities in the area.  Most folks (or at least I was one of those folks) think of the hot springs over at the Glenwood Springs Hot Springs Lodge.  Certainly that's a very pretty and incredible pool to soak in, however the smell of the sulfur for me always was a turn-off.  Iron Mountain is totally different - and the nice part about it is the pools are all individualized.  Not all, but some of the pools have large covers over the top of them - so I wasn't going to spend my day being baked in the sun.  I enjoyed a very nice relaxing afternoon enjoying the hot springs there, with the occasional rowdy rafting company going by hollering for attention.

After enjoying my time in the tubs it was time to get to the main event - the dinner at the airport.  One of the things I love about the fly-ins is the homey community feel each of these small airports brings.  This event was no different.  I'm adding  a few videos at the bottom of this page to get a sense of what took place.  The local FBO cleared out one of their hangars and put on an amazing spread.  Not only was the food spectacular, but they brought in a very good local acoustic band.  The best part about it is the music was at just the right level where you could enjoy the music but also enjoy the conversation of those around you.  

If you have never gone into the Glenwood Springs airport, I highly recommend you take some time to visit here.  The airport is teetering on becoming just another housing development.  The city is deciding this fall if they want to keep the airport around.  It would be a real shame if this jewel in the mountains were to disappear.

Brian Garrett


2019 Glenwood Springs Fly-in

Takeoff from Glenwood Springs from Colorado Pilots on Vimeo.