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Weatherford Oklahoma Fly-in Wrap 2019
By Bill Marvel, event sponsor

The Weatherford, Oklahoma fly-in is now complete and it was a first in two respects.  It was the first time C.P.A. has traveled to that destination and was also the first fly-in I have sponsored.   We were lucky to have a convenient weather window of beautiful VFR both directions.  Our luck held while there as although it was typical summer hot and humid in Oklahoma, neither the temperature nor humidity was oppressive.  In fact, the sunset we watched from White Dog Hill restaurant the final night was in delightful conditions.  But more helpful than good weather was that such a fun group of people attended.  Everyone was right on time for each event and all enjoyed seeing some of the attractions this small town and surrounding area had to offer.

We did have a couple of unfortunate last-minute cancellations.  Two were due to aircraft maintenance issues and one to a family medical problem.  One couple drove to Weatherford from the Denver area and tied our event with a family visit elsewhere in Oklahoma.   So instead of 20 attendees we were down to 16 people and 7 airplanes but that number worked well in all venues.

Arrival day began with lunch at the Stafford Air and Space museum, followed by a museum tour that highlighted much of what astronaut and retired USAF Lt. General Tom Stafford accomplished during his career.   Stafford commanded the Apollo 10 mission that made a low approach to the moon only two months before the Apollo 11 landing.  It is due to Stafford being from Weatherford that this museum has its many displays.  Soon to arrive is an F-117 stealth fighter that will be featured in a new museum wing currently under construction.  On a display donated from Neil Armstrong’s personal collection is a tiny piece of the propeller from the Wright Brothers powered aircraft plus a small square of fabric taken from a wing.  Many aircraft, spacecraft and related displays (both U.S. and Russian) are all right there at the airport.  This is definitely a stop you should put on your future schedule as the museum is free if you simply refuel. 

That night we all opted to have dinner at the nearby (100 yard walk) Lucille’s Road House although with four rental cars, any of several restaurants in town were also available.  Needless to say, Happy Hour preceded dinner and was held in the hotel breakfast room.  It was during that first get together that I asked the attendees to tell us a little about themselves, where they lived, what they flew, what they did for a living and the like.  That, along with name tags I had made for each attendee, allowed the group to get to know each other a little better in that many had never met one another previously. 

Saturday began with all of us heading 45 minutes west to the town of Elk City to tour the Route 66 museum.  This is a bit of a misnomer in that a diverse museum complex is located there under that one name.  Everything from Route 66 automobiles to blacksmithing to farm and ranch paraphernalia and more were on display, including a functioning malt shop that came in handy as the morning sun headed toward noontime temperatures.  Lunch was in a local Mexican restaurant that served our needs well.  The drive back was followed by a few hours on our own where some relaxed at the hotel, some drove around town and some returned to the Stafford museum to see displays of interest in greater detail.

After yet another Happy Hour with the group now knowing each other much better, we headed west again but only for 15 minutes this time.  The destination was White Dog Hill in nearby Clinton.  There we had a group dinner in a place that I think is just stunning and worth a visit in its own right.  White Dog Hill consists of two buildings, one a restaurant and the other a bar, both built in 1925.  Although this is rolling Oklahoma hill country, White Dog sits atop its own little mound that is high enough to afford a 180 degree horizon view to the west.  Following dinner with a surprisingly wide array of food choices, we stayed long enough sitting outside in very pleasant weather to watch the sun set behind some low lying clouds. It was a “picture perfect” grand finale to the weekend flying event.

Sunday morning everyone got off early although I stayed longer to make sure everything was taken care of with the hotel, airport and museum.  All was good and we left the area having had a great trip, making new flying friends and leaving behind a good image of the Colorado Pilots Association.

I’ll close with this sales pitch. Go fly! These trips are organized for you, our fellow C.P.A. members. They have different destinations and at every location there is something of interest. Regardless of whether you own or rent an airplane, take advantage of your membership, pilot skills, the utility of light aircraft and the camaraderie of your fellow aviators. Pick an event and go!


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