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Being Social online
By Brian Garrett
Posted on 7/30/2020 6:49 PM
If you've been flying for any length of time you may have noticed a growing trend of social media platforms having a great deal to do with aviation.  AOPA recently had a couple of months worth of references to YouTube producers.  If you haven't seen these producers work, most of them are definitely worth your time viewing.

The Colorado Pilot's Association has a number of online points of presence.  Obviously the CPA website is the primary source for all CPA information.  We also have an Instagram page (, a Twitter account (, a LinkedIn page ( and our most active account on Facebook ( These accounts are created and managed to help the CPA visibility with pilots, not just in our region, but elsewhere in the world.  These points of entry all help to promote aviation as well as raise awareness for our organization.  Our LinkedIn page is growing from offering a place for business people to be members.

This also doesn't happen without peer groups online.  For instance, the Colorado Aviation Photography group on Facebook ( is a very active group of over 3,700 avid photographers and aviation enthusiasts who seemly don't have jobs because the site seems to be a continual stream of updated photos of planes and airports.  Sometimes pictures of impressive airplanes stopping over at a regional airport appear in minutes, and spotters have been known to capture photos of something as obscure as the Antonov An-225 flying overhead with a very long lens.  

Wings over the Rockies ( is another Facebook page which continues to provide value to regional aviation in Colorado.  Quite often events for activities at the south annex at KAPA are announced here as well as calendar event items show up on their Facebook page.  Please keep in mind, that we strive to add any and all relevant aviation activities to the CPA calendar as we learn about them.  If you hear of an event that is aviation related, please feel free to email and it will get posted to the calendar fairly quickly - or, you may add it yourself.

Some other organizations that can be found online:

CABA - and on LinkedIn at EAA Young Eagles Chapter 43 -
Colorado Aviation Historical Society -
We definitely understand that Facebook isn't necessarily everyone's cup of tea, and this is why we strive to provide a variety of avenues for the CPA members to get their information.

If you haven't visited our Aviation Links page here on the CPA site, head over to our Aviation Links page where we have built a number of pointers to all sorts of different, and relevant sources. 

Do you have a site for great aviation here in Colorado?  Feel free to comment on this post and I'll be happy to build an inclusive list.
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