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Bill Marvel 

Grand Junction, CO

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Grand Junction, CO
492 Escondido Cir
Grand Junction, CO 81507-1890

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Marti Marvel
Apr 10

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I've been flying for 54 years, all at my own expense as I've never flown professionally.

Majored in Astronautical engineering at the Air Force Academy and have a masters degree in Aero/Astro from Purdue.

Spent 7 years on active duty as a spacecraft systems engineer but never flew in the USAF because I did not have 20/20 vision.

Most of my career involved investing in apartment buildings in Southern California.

Wife Marti was a stewardess for Pan Am for 20 years and then with Delta for 15 more. We have no children. 

Have owned a Grumman Tiger, American Yankee, Piper Arrow, RV-8A, Zenith 801 and currently an RV-14A.